Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in running a location-independent business online.We offer a fully automated company ordering process that enables to file an application of your new company to the e-Business Register immediately on receiving your order.

We register companies with a single shareholder or multiple shareholders and whose business activities are not limited to digital products or services!

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Why Estonian company?

Simplified trading within the European Union
0% percent corporate income tax on retained earnings
Location independent - online operation
Low startup and ownership costs
Presence in the EU single market

Why register online?

The biggest advantages of online registration are

In case you need more personal approach our advisory team is ready to assist you. The latter is more flexible but fairly more expensive option.

FREE START-UP ADVICE is available to anyone who has registered a company by using our online company formation platform.

In addition, online formation gives you 15% discount of all support services.

Why are we doing this?

You probably think why are we doing this? Why are we offering free start-up advice?

Why are we offering 15% discount of all support services?

Why are we offering the lowest online prices in Estonia?

BECAUSE we know what it takes to start a business. THAT’S WHY. We know that there are bundle of expenses to launch your business. To develop your business plan. To prepare your product. To find markets. To organize everything. And creative business people do not have to waste their time on bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by them wishing to incorporate and register a new firm.

And secondly. We do know that ESTONIA is a great place to start your business.  Estonia has been said to produce more start-ups than any other country in Europe per capita. In addition to SKYPE’s skypesuccess story, there are many new companies which have taken the world as well –TRANSFERWISE amongst them – and we want you to benefit from Estonia’s booming start-up economy.

Ready to trade private limited company
Mail forwarding registered address *
Estonian company must have Estonian address.
Authorized contact person *
Mandatory for Estonian companies with non-EU resident management board. Estonian person authorized to accept official mail on behalf of the company.
Accounting *
Fixed monthly fee plus €0.6/per accounting journal entry line
Bank account introduction VAT registration application Price per month

Package 1

For e-Residents who will establish Estonian company independently
12 €

Package 2

Estonian company with bank account
65 € (80 €) SAVE
15 € 18%

Package 3

VAT registered Estonian company with bank account
95 € (133 €) SAVE
38 € 40%

There is a one-time state fee of €190 for registering a company paid prior to incororation.

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Registered address for e-Residents who form a company independently

Why choose our company formation services?

We guarantee you always get the lowest price when you order company formation services in Estonia through online service portals…

or we’ll match the lower price and give you an extra 20% discount!

Licensed by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit as a company service provider
Our customers rate us excellent (9.8 out of 10)
We are a local firm. NOT just another mediator
NEW! Registered address for e-Residents who form a company independently
A dedicated corporate administrator available throughout the year
The main service provider offering company online formation services in Estonia

Founder & CEO

Richard J. Witismann

Richard J. Witismann

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Registered address for e-Residents who form a company independently